Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards 2018

Best Cinematography in a Documentary
Renan Ozturk
Best Sound in a Documentary
David White
Robert Mackenzie
Best Original Music Score in a Documentary
Richard Tognetti
Best Feature Length Documentary
Jennifer Peedom
Jo-Anne McGowan
Best Editing in a Documentary
Christian Gazal
Scott Gray

Directed by Jennifer Peedom  and written with naturalist  Robert Macfarlane  and narrated by Willem Dafoe this film needs ia an absolute must for the BIG SCREEN !

Accompanied by a classical music score that is so effective in emphasizing the magnitude of these tall mountains and their craggy peaks, the viewer is drawn into the beauty of what our planet has to offer. 

With Dafoe’s  wonderful narration that holds our attention throughout the 74 minutes of the film, we are taken on a journey of how civilization feared these magnificent volcanic produced natural wonders, holding them as feared and sacred in past centuries. It was only in the last century we began to want to explore the magnificence of what was above us.

In our early explorations of the 20th century we were still curious and cautious on these expeditions. There is wonderful footage of these early expeditions, but as we ventured into the mid / late  century with technological advancement, we became more  more daring with larger and bolder expeditions, with some disastrous results.

By the turn of the century we were now no longer just satisfied with exploration. We became obsessed with climbing the highest peaks and being assisted en masse on these expeditions particularly  Everest. Then in the last 20 years there was the other extremes of climbing, cycling, skiing and snow boarding these dangerous peaks both in winter and summer with death defying desires. and realities. a lot is covered in the these 74 minutes. 

Overall this film is not to be missed, Without drones  and other technologies, it could never have accomplished the incredible imagery years gone by. Mountain is filmed in over 22 countries including the USA, Antarctica, Canada, Australia, Italy, Tibet, New Zealand and South Africa.